Computer Heroes

Computers are wonderful - but they're not always easy to get on with.

Sometimes you need someone on your side.

In and around Cheltenham you can call on us.

We can:

Clean Up Viruses Set up your Network Repair your Hardware Configure your Email Rescue and Recover your Data Connect you to the Internet Protect you from Hackers Install your Software Show you how to use it Contact Us

The internet is a wonderful thing, which many of us couldn't imagine living without today.

However, for all of its virtues, the internet can be a dangerous place.

From keystroke loggers which monitor everything you type—including bank details and personal emails,— to using your computer in a 'botnet' to attack other computers, to sending junk emails, there are a many nefarious purposes your computer can be put to, often without you even being aware of it.

If your computer has been affected we will clean it, and install suitable protections to ensure you can use it worry-free.

We're based in Leckhampton (see map), and you can ring us on 01242 510998

Computer Heroes